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What are the NHS benefits?

The NHS offer sick pay, life cover and an ill health pension for those who are members of the NHS pension scheme.

The sick pay and ill health pension are dependant on your superannuated salary and the number of years service that you have accumulated.

Sick Pay Initiative

The NHS phase their sick pay benefits over a period of six years to a maximum of six months full pay and six months half pay. The NHS sick pay works as follows;

During the first year of service One month’s full pay and (after completing four months’ service) two month’s half pay
During the second year of service Two months’ full pay and two months’ half pay
During the third year of service Four months’ full pay and four months’ half pay.
During the fourth and fifth years of service Five months’ full pay and five months’ half pay.
After completing five years service Six months’ full pay and six months’ half pay.
If you have a break in NHS service that is longer than 12 months then you will have your sick pay eligibility reset.

Life Cover

The life cover you have through the NHS is non attributable. This means that if a provider insist on you having life cover then they will not take into account the NHS life cover.

You have twice your superannuated salary as life cover.

Junior doctors

Your salary is split into two aspects, your basic salary and your on call. The life cover is taken on your basic salary.


A large part of your salary will be superannuated, and therefore will provide you with a higher level of life cover. There are parts of your salary that may not be superannuated such as extra programmed activities.

GP’s and Dentists

Your life cover will be based on your career average revalued earnings. This can be difficult to predict particularly if you are in the latter stages of your career.

Ill Health Pension

This benefit would commence after your sick pay ceases. There is no guarantee that this would come into force if you are unable to work through sickness or illness. This is paid at the discretion of the NHS and they offer a two tier system.

The amount you may receive is dependant upon your superannuated salary and the number of years service you have completed and which tier you have eligibility for. The NHS may offer enhancements to your service if you have completed over 5 years service.

Junior Doctors

If you have less than 2 years service then you have no eligibility. You become eligible for enhancements after 5 years service. This will be calculated on your basic salary.


As you are likely to have completed in the region of 10 years service and are eligible for the higher tier, the enhancements combined with a higher superannuated income could be a reasonable ill health pension.

If you have part time service or worked as a maximum part time consultant this will effect your years service and ultimately your ill health pension.

GP’s and Dentist

The ill health pension will be based on your career revalued earnings and your years service.

An estimate may be aquired upon the provision of specified information, this may then be used as a guide. Accurate information can be gained from the pensions agency. A template for this information is available on request.